Terms of service



1.1. The following terms and conditions of sale are applicable to the offer and purchase of products through the website www.bluebluechihuahua.com.

1.2. In order to buy products on the website, clients must a) be at least 18 years old, or if they are minors, be authorized by their legal guardian, b) be consumers, understanding as such natural persons who act for purposes outside their Industry, trade, business and profession, and c) register on the website.

1.3. This contract is formalized in Spanish and is regulated by Spanish legislation according to Law 3/2014, of March 27, which modifies the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, and other complementary laws , approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, and Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (“LSSI”).

2. Products

2.1. It is available on the website information about the products, which is supplied in accordance with articles 60, 63, 97 of the Consumer Law and articles 27 and 28 of the LSSI.

2.2. The products described in www.bluebluechihuahua.com and the samples of them that, where appropriate, we will facilitate the customer are exclusively for personal use. Customers cannot sell or resell such products or samples. The Blueblue Chihuahua company reserves the right, with notification or without it, to cancel or reduce the amount of products or samples that are to be delivered to the customer when, to our exclusive discretion, it involves a breach of these terms and conditions of sale.

3. Prices

All prices indicated for products that are available through the website include VAT to current types and are called euros. Shipping costs will be added to the price of products and indicate separately in the order form. For more information visit the ‘Delivery and Shipping Information’ section of the website.

4. Request

All the information necessary to make an order are in the FAQ/Purchase guide of www.bluebluechihuahua.com available for all users.

5. Delivery and shipping information

All the necessary information for the delivery and sending of the products at www.bluebluechihuahua.com is available in the FAQ for all users.

6. Gift packaging service

6.1. Blueblue Chihuahua always treats all orders carefully. We will be happy to create a nice package for your gift. The gift packaging service is free for the client.

6.2. If the client wants your order to be wrapped as a gift, you will simply have to select in the shipping options, gift sending or if you wanted specific packaging for Christmas, Christmas gift sending. Currently, customers cannot include a card with a personal message. If you were available in the shipping options, please add an order note at the end of the shipping and billing address data.

6.3. In the event that a gift packaging request covers more than one product, we will create a gift package for each of them.


7.1. To redeem an offer code, the client must enter it in the section Do you have a coupon? During the shipping check process. The supply codes are sensitive to the upper and lower case and should always be introduced as they appear.

7.2. When an offer code is accepted, the offer in “Review Review’ ’will appear.

7.3. An order supply code can be used.

8. Payment options

8.1. The customer can pay Blueblue Chihuahua products by credit card, debit card, pay-op or bank transfer. The following credit and debit cards are accepted for this effect:




8.2. If you make your order by bank transfer, Blueblue Chihuahua will not send until you have received the full amount in your account.

8.3. The products will not be charged to the customer until shipping.

8.4. All credit and debit card holders are subject to validation and authorization checks by the card issuer. If the customer payment card issuer denies, or for any reason does not authorize the payment in our favor either prior or after a payment, we will not respond to any delay or lack of delivery.

9. Order consultations

9.1. Generally, the products are sent after several days from the reception of an order. To obtain information on a shipment, the customer must contact us by email in the following address: contact@bluebluechihuahua.com or consult the purchase guide on the web.

9.2. With a Blueblue Chihuahua account, customers can check the situation of their most recent orders visiting the status of the order in my account. This is the easiest and fastest way to get the most up -to -date information in relation to orders.

9.3. When the client clicks on the status status of the order, you will be asked to access your email and password address. On the request Summary page will be reported in detail about its current and previous orders. Once the order is sent, the corresponding follow -up number will be displayed, if available. Customers can monitor their request through the code that will provide them Blueblue Chihuahua once their order has been sent, through the corresponding courier company. Some transport companies may not have available monitoring information after the ordering of the order.

9.4. Occasionally, our system cancels orders or parts of an order for various reasons. Some reasons are:

-Cancelling at the request of a client

-Formulation of an order in duplicate

-Impossibility of delivering in the facilitated address

-Impossibility of processing payment information

-Articles not available

9.5. If an order is canceled, the customer will receive an email in which the reasons for the cancellation will be explained. The canceled orders will not be charged to the customer. If the client were interested in formulating a new order or if he had any doubt about a canceled order, he can contact us by email in the following address: contacto@bluebluechihuahua.com.

10. Delivery

10.1. Orders are processed and delivered exclusively on business days (Monday to Friday, not including holidays). Orders made on Saturday and Sunday will be processed the next business day.

10.2. We cannot process orders with delivery direction in a mail section.

10.3. The shipping costs will be on behalf of the client, if there are and indicate separately in the order form and in the delivery albarn.

10.4. In accordance with article 103 of the Consumer Law, the products will be delivered up to 3 days with free cost. Delivery within 30 (thirty) days following the order of the customer will be valid, unless within the same period we notify the customer, even by email, in the same period, that the ordered products are not available, They are not even temporarily available.

10.5. No shipments will be made to Ceuta and Melilla.

11. Right of withdrawal

11.1. We have assumed the commitment to offer customers our best products. If the client considers that the products he has received do not meet this expectation, according to article 71 of the consumer's law, he will have the right to withdraw the contract, without adducing to any cause, within the 14 (fourteen) calendar days following the Date of receipt of products.

11.2. The client may notify his intention to exercise the right of withdrawal by sending an email to hello@bluebluechihuahua with the details of the relevant order, including the customer's order number and the description of the products subject to the return. Within the order wrap, the client will find a shipping note with request details and details about our return procedure. If the products related in the shipping note did not match those delivered, the customer must notify us immediately by email to hello@bluebluechihuahua.

11.3. The Blueblue Chihuahua Customer Service Department will then issue an authorization number and an email confirmation. The client is invited to save his authorization number for future consultations with the customer service department in this regard.

11.4. In the event that the customer returns products for different reasons why they are defective or that their delivery has been incomplete or incorrect, must arrange the return of them.

11.5. In the case of exercising the right of withdrawal, we commit ourselves to reimburse the customer the price of the products within the fourteen (14) calendar days following the date on which we receive their communication of withdrawal, provided that the products are returned by the Client and at your expense, without using and without damage, having maintained and managed with due care and attention, within 14 calendar days following the date of communication of your withdrawal. We reserve the right to retain reimbursement to the customer until we have received the products returned.

12. Absence of conformity

12.1. In case of lack of conformity of the products with the contract according to what is provided in article 116 of the Consumer Law, the guarantees established in articles 118 to 122 of the same law shall apply. The customer has the right to make the products repaired or replaced, without cost, so that they are satisfied with the contract, in whose default the customer is entitled to an adequate reduction in the price of the products or to cancel the contract. The client renounces the rights described above in case the lack of conformity does not notify us within two months of the date on which it has detected it. We will respond to the lack of conformity when it becomes evident within the two years of the delivery of the products. In anything, the actions initiated in relation to a lack of conformity that we have not misleading will automatically expire by thirty -six months from the delivery of the products.


13.1. These terms and conditions are regulated by Spanish legislation and must be interpreted according to Spanish laws.

13.2. The conflicts that, where appropriate, bring cause of the interpretation, validity and/or execution of these terms and conditions will be submitted to the competence of the courts and courts of the place of residence or domicile of the client.

14. Contact

14.1. For any information and support in relation to the products and modalities of purchase through the website, the customer can contact us by email in hello@bluebluechihuahua.