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  • Where can I buy Blueblue Chihuahua products?

Blueblue Chihuahua products can be purchased through our online store. On occasion, you can find them in marketplaces, web platforms and in some stores and points of sale but always under the name and with the Blueblue Chihuahua label.

  • What shipping methods are available to you?
Blueblue Chihuahua sends all its products in the best conditions. Normal shipping is free with tracking number and arrives in a maximum of 3 days from the day after receipt of your order. We also have express delivery of payment in 24 hours. If you need an order with any special condition, please send us an e-mail to We will contact you as soon as possible.
  • Do you have an international shipping method?
Yes. We ship Blueblue Chihuahua products to Europe and the order takes a maximum of 8 days to arrive from the day after receipt of your order. Soon we will expand more countries to our international shipping. If you would like to ship an order to a country that is not available, please contact us at
  • What payment methods are available?

The available payment methods are credit card, debit card, PayPal, G-Pay and Amazon Pay. If you would like more information about it, we recommend you read the Terms and Conditions of Purchase. 

  • Can I shop safely at blueblue chuhuahua?

Of course. We have the best SSL certificates and a fully personalized service on our website so that all purchases made and all our customer data are under maximum security.

  • How do I place an order?

To place an order, you have to go to the STORE section. You can see all the accessories and also divided by categories, necklaces and hats.

Once you have seen a model that you like, click on it and add it to the cart. A tab automatically opens on the right: your bag, which can always be visible to see the products you have selected to buy. You can continue to view other products with ease and your selected products will be saved in your bag (right). By clicking on it, you have a visualization of them.

Click on finalize your purchase and enter your shipping and billing information. Both can be the same. Once done, choose the payment method and accept the terms and conditions of purchase. Finally, complete the final step to buy your Blueblue Chihuahua products.

  • Do I need a Blueblue Chihuahua account to place an order?

If you do not have a Blueblue Chihuahua account, it will be created automatically when you place your order. The Blueblue Chihuahua account saves all the information related to your order, your payment method and allows you to keep track of what you have purchased.

  • How can I check the status of an order?

Through your Blueblue Chihuahua account you can check the status of your order. Click on My account, click on orders where you can see the status and all the details of the order you made. In addition, our team will inform you at all times of the status of your order: completed, processed and shipped (along with the shipping number so that you can locate it at all times).

  • How can I cancel or modify an order that I have placed?

If you want to cancel or modify a Blueblue Chihuahua order, you have a maximum of 5 hours to make your modification. If you would like to add more products to an order, make another purchase directly. If it were a special case, contact us at and we will contact you as soon as possible.

  • Can the purchased products be returned? What return policy do you have?

The return period is 15 days from the day you received your order if you made the purchase through the web.

If you want to return the order you have received, send an e-mail to with the details of your order and we will redirect it to the returns department so that they can process your return as soon as possible.

If the reason for returning the product is due to the arrival of the order in poor condition, we will replace the product in a maximum of 5 working days, or if you prefer the return of your money, we will proceed to make the refund to your credit card or bank account . Shipping costs in all cases are paid by Blueblue Chihuahua.

If you have purchased one of our products in a marketplace and you want to return it, we will issue you a voucher with the same amount you spent and valid for one year from the date of return. If it is a broken or poor condition of a product, we will replace it. If you would like another Blueblue Chihuahua product that is not the same, we can replace it with one of the same amount or if it is a higher amount, paying the difference.

If you have purchased one of our products at an external store or point of sale, the conditions will be those of said external store or point of sale.


  • I still have a question to answer...

If you have any other question that does not appear in the Terms and Conditions of Purchase, Get in touch with us through We will be happy to assist you!